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Ringhel and InnoEnergy team up to boost the Energy Software business worldwide

Ringhel & InnoEnergy team up to boost the Energy Software business, worldwide! EIT InnoEnergy and Ringhel announced a new partnership within the Boostway program. As a growing business, the main objectives of Ringhel are to enter new markets and manage efficiently the supply chain.
If you want to invest and to be part of an exciting Digital world, where we provide value to our clients with digital products and services, here is the right place.

Ringhel is continuing a strategic shift towards Digital services & automatic office work, to help energy companies go fully Digitalized.

Our clients achieve their business objective in a safe and friendly environment, where data is secured & reliable at any time.

Ringhel’s digital solutions is delivering profit growth and it is helping grow the business for our clients.

If you are interested in joining us in our mission from a digital future in energy sector, contact us and let’s discuss opportunities.

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