Mihai Dârzan, Ringhel: Digitalization is an effect of market demand 0

Mihai Dârzan, Ringhel: Digitalization is an effect of market demand 0

Everyone talks about digitalization, but it is an effect of a need, the need to be efficient, to do more and better things in shorter periods of time. Ringhel creates software to automate the business processes of electricity and gas companies. In Romania, Ringhel works for 50% of active electricity suppliers and 20% of natural gas suppliers, said Mihai Dârzan, CEO of Ringhel, at the 2019 Energy Strategy Summit, an event organized by energynomics.ro.

“Last year we entered the Serbian market, and this year we set up a representative office in Brussels. Our desire and our main objective is to become the most relevant software vendor for business processes in Europe and we also want to enter the US market,” he said.

“We target both electricity suppliers, traders, balancing actors, natural gas suppliers, suppliers of last resort. What we do for these companies – we take all the business processes and automate as much each process as possible in an integrated stream from head to tail. We manage it – from as soon as the end-user contacts the supplier and until the supplier has to report on his own business and everything between these two points: from making bids, managing sales agent commissions, generating contracts, managing them in computerized form, importing data from distributors – a quite important issue in Romania that is already solved in other European countries. Another important process that we cover is bulk billing, packing and transmission to print processors, mass warehouse management, debt collection processes from consumers, including connection and disconnection, internal and external reports,” Mihai Dârzan said.

“The energy to be sold to consumers needs to be managed, we manage the processes, the purchasing and selling contracts on the wholesale market, the portfolio part – the portfolio management at the hourly level – we are already prepared for 15 minutes – things that in other countries are already reality, no one believes that it can be done otherwise,” added Mihai Dârzan.

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