Ringhel toured the PowerUp events, by InnoEnergy

Ringhel toured the PowerUp events, by InnoEnergy

We had the pleasure to discuss and have a wonderful time with extraordinary people that put their energy and know-how in designing projects, ideas that will change the way of using power and gas energy, more sustainably. All these were made possible, thanks to InnoEnergy.

InnoEnergy is our partner and in most of the cases, one of the investors that help us “the companies”, to move forward and to give life to our projects. Ringhel was present in two Power Up events, in Serbia and Slovenia, presenting the software solutions that have the power to digitalize energy companies (Power & Gas), their business processes, end to end, from energy acquisition till the end-user invoice payment. Our pitch deck was appreciated and qualified as a successful business that could be an example to all start-ups from the energy industry.

As we are not a start-up anymore, we are eager to show what we have accomplished in terms of software solutions and to help the energy industry to be fully digital, especially for the times that we live right now. Ringhel was presenting its full product portfolio and service capabilities, that every energy company should use and benefit. We will always be present is such events and we will support digital expansion all over Europe.

Congratulation InnoEnergy for such a wonderful work and for the support that you offer to all start-ups from the energy sector that count on you. Ringhel will be always a loyal partner for sharing our experience and know-how to you and all your contacts. 

We are also ready to meet and discuss with energy companies that want to make the step in becoming digital and, to secure their business more efficiently, may making their business, strong sustainable, and trusted.