GeFEE Automation Services

Ringhel provides important automation services

Automation Services is one of the important tool that every Energy business is needed in order to expand his portfolio, without generating extra costs on the administrative side


You can generate invoices (and consumption reports) in pdf & sign with electronic signature if provided and send them electronically to clients

Invoices could be generated in the needed format by the print processor if there is such 3rd party involved & send the generated files to the printing company in order to be delivered by currier

Automation flows

Execution of Configurable Business Processes Automation (BPA) flows (Trace Map)

Accounting status

Connect and import payment files from payment processors based on payments made scanning the barcode of the invoice

You can create automatic payment to invoice reconciliation based on company rules.

Another important automation is pre-process data from the database for post-processing tasks or reports based on predefined rules


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