Integration Through API




We build the architecture that allows integrations with any system using any communication protocol and virtually any data structure


You are allowed to integrate with online payment processors and allows clients to pay invoices online from their account via Credit Card or CryptoCurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum)

External connection with call-center/IVR in order to exchange data with clients via phone call/SMS, such as:
  • receive meter self-readings from clients
  • send account balance information to clients
  • other
- Integration with SMS providers in order to send the notifications via SMS also
- Connect & exchange data with any private or public software platform

You can import features for all data structures managed by the platform in own format


You can make external connections in order to allow the functions of a mobile application (Android or iOS) or whatever system needs the data in a secured environment (e.g. ESB, CRMs, accounting system etc.)

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