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The balancing market ensures the correlation between the demand and the offer. GeFEE PRE is the suitable platform!

Optimizes the business processes of

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The balancing market is mandatory for all energy suppliers. In this context, we developed a working instrument that increases the efficiency of BRP specific operations flow.

Contract Management

your business will be more clear, in a blink of a second. All reports and data, are stored digital, with a secured access for your staff

Partner Management

Consumers, Traders, BRPs, DSOs, TSOs, Market Operator, Regulator


Mass billing, pre-validation, client notification, mass-printing

Data Management

Meters, readings, data, forecast and actual consumption, imbalance

Collections & Payments

Flexible invoice collection/payment mechanism, allowing various collection/payment instruments


Internal business reports, reports to the authorities, audit trail




Easy management of the partners that collaborate with e BRP, with the related identification data, including the PZU participant code.

Reports and statistics

Generation of specific reports for the BRP activity (degree of price improvement, compensation level for the partners, BRP statistics, graphical reports), including the layout to ANRE.

Units that can be dispatched

Efficiently manages contracts with all BRP activities specific partners. It also manages the exchanges of the BRP’s clients.

Data accuracy

The possibility to define units that can be dispatched, with the related identification elements and to associate them to defined producers.



Data collection

The possibility to collect data from the clients: daily, in week-ends, weekly, monthly.

Data history

Data history and easy access to it.


Integration with the accounting or other systems of the beneficiary.


Data collection and flexibility in their operation and processing. Customized data protection and data back-up.

Technical and Legislative

“Controlled access” to the platform and record of actions performed by the platform users.



BRP simulations

The possibility to add potential partners and data history to simulate internal reports, calculations and other relevant data with the purpose of contractual analysis.

Financial reports

Financial reports for a clear image on the company’s status.




Generation of alerts and warnings for various situations, such as: in the event the partner fails to send data, alerts for the end of the month, notifications regarding data anomalies.

Information notices

Centralization of incomes and costs for each BRP client. Generation of notices for the timetable, related settlement for each client and calculations.




The possibility to define complex invoicing situations, mass issuing and listing of invoices based on predefined criteria.

Collections and payments

Automated import of bank account statements from various banks and payment operators and automatic correlation between collections and invoices.

Clients relationships

Clients relationships

Automated communication

Automatic transfer or collection through GeFEE from the clients who use GeFEE Energy.

Customers information

Automated notifications upon invoicing (including sending the invoice by email), upon exceeding the due data, for failure to submit data, etc.

Data access

The possibility to collect and export data, visualization of the client’s financial condition (outstanding debts, payments, invoices), downloading documents (invoices, information notices).



Easy communication

Quick settlement of incidents and specialized support for an efficient use of the platform.

Collections and payments

Easy communication by different means: phone, Skype, remote, email and ticketing platform of Ringhel, to which you have access by means of a dedicated account.

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