GeFEE Front Desk



Easy Management
Front Desk module is designed for Front Desk Operators and Call-Centers
The information can be accessed for the entire clients database, in categories, by filtering the needed information
Front desk management

Access to complaints & management requests, to the entire clients database, designed for Front-desk and call-centers operators

Access to client data

Access all clients’ data with few clicks in order to provide fast and reliable feedback to the client (contractual data, prices, conditions, invoices, payments, consumption, offers, documents, complaints/requests, etc.)

Offers, Contracts and Addendums

You can customize template documents, pricing rules, printable documents management etc.



For avoiding big loses and bad debts, by setting up payment-related automatic client notifications, Automatic disconnection & reconnection process for consumption points with overdue invoices, based on rules and with manual intervention functionalities if desired
You can set a various set of notifications. regarding the contracting process, dunning, client complaints, events etc.

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