GeFEE Gas Supply

The gas market is in a period of continuous growth and liberalization. Boost the efficiency of your activities using the GeFEE platform.

We support the gas suppliers’ high-performance

Provides a good overview of the business, improves the supplier’s ability to make decisions quickly, based on accurate indicators and data. The flexibility of the platforms allows them to be easily adapted to any legislative change, regardless of the country.
GeFEE Gas ensures a correct management of the financial and operational resources of a gas supplier, from bidding to specific reports in this business

Contract Management

Your business will be more clear, in a blink of a second. All reports and data, are stored digital, with a secured access for your staff.
You have management of supply, transport and distribution contracts, keeping track of all contractual changes such as DSO regulated fees, prices, invoicing settings etc. Takes into account all changes in the billing module, automatically

Partner Management

Allows the definition of different types of partners, such as consumers, traders, producers, distributors, transporters, market operators, regulators, sales agents, etc.

Collections & Payments

Flexible invoice collection/payment mechanism, allowing various collection/payment instruments


Internal business reports, reports to the authorities, audit trail, making a clear view of the business

Data Management

Meters readings, gas installation checks & revisions management. Import consumption data from DSOs based on meters, points of delivery and indexes
The imported data is validated based on multiple criteria such as index continuity, date continuity, index difference – metering constant – consumption, consumption vs historical consumption, estimate vs reading, reading after an estimate, estimate after reading and estimate over self-reading etc.


This module can make automatic mass billing with pre-validation, automatic invoice calculation based on configured contract and contractual products, simple manual issue process & simple invoice correction process. Send automatic invoice issue notification to clients or make manual notification to the client. The mass printing of invoices is done directly from the platform of integration with 3rd party printing companies.


Data access

Data history and easy access to it. Relevant notifications and warnings regarding processes. Native integration with the GeFEE for Web CMR.


“Controlled access” to the platform and record of actions performed by the platform users.


Treats and manages, by easy configurations, complex situations from the gas market.

Flexibility and data protection

Data collection and flexibility in their operation and processing. Customized data protection and data back-up.

Data accuracy

Eliminates human errors by various validation mechanisms of the data integrity and accuracy.

Personalized integration

Integration with accounting or other systems of the beneficiary. Personalized developments based on the specificity of each gas supplier.



Data import

Data import (partners, consumption points, contracts, affiliation of consumption points to contracts, gas prices, invoice settings, invoice history, advance payments to invoice)

Automatic updates

Automatic update of regulated tariffs, exchange rate, legal holidays, excises, VAT.

Data management

Import distribution data (counters, reports). Automatic collection of the partners’ identification data and their validation.

Technical and Legislative

Easy management of complex situations met on the market, both from a technical and a legislative point of view.




The possibility to define complex invoicing situations, mass issuing and listing of invoices based on predefined criteria.

Internal and external reports

Generation of internal reports for the efficient tracking of the company’s activities and reports to the authorities in the field (system operator, regulator, transporter).

Collections and payments

Automated import of bank account statements from various banks and payment operators and automatic correlation between collections and invoices.

Hour prices and hour calculation

It manages the invoicing and changes of regulated tariffs.



Contracts & Partners

Efficient management of partners and contracts with all partners in the field of gas supply and trading.


Management of the revision intervals of the clients’ central heating systems and installations and notifications regarding the date of the following inspection.

Reservation of capacity

Optimum calculation of the required reservation of capacity at the level of SRM (Measurement Regulation Station).


Configuration of numbers & series for issued documents from the platform.




Indicators regarding the clients’ profitability, but also the trend of the clients’ portfolio

Electronic signature

The possibility of electronic signature on documents, based on an electronic certificate.


Graphic reports regarding: debt collection status, degree of monthly data completions, consumption variations, number of consumption points and consumers but also comparative monthly fluctuations regarding consumption and invoiced value.


Notifications on the documents that are about to expire and reports on debts.

Bar codes

To increase the fast payments, you can insert barcodes on the invoices and integration with the online and offline payment operators.



Technical support

Quick settlement and specialized support for an efficient use of the platform.

Easy communication

Easy communication by different means: phone, Skype, remote, email and ticketing platform of Ringhel, to which you have access by means of a dedicated account.

Specialized training

Specialized training with real data (contracts, reports, invoices, transactions, etc.) to facilitate a good knowledge of the platform.

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