GeFEE Sales Agent

portfolio management, commissions and bonuses for teams and individual agents. 

Manage of the Sales, in a very efficient way! 

Sales are the heart of each company. Ringhel has developed a sales module where the transparency and efficiency is easy to be seen, from button to up.
Sales and management are correlated with the success of the company. In order to help the management, but also the sales agents, we developed a software solution where all parties involved can check / track all sales activities and take actions according with the company rules and procedures. 

Client's Management

Sales agents can use the calendar functionality to book meetings and actions with regard to a particular or general activity or related to a certain client (birthday, call, meeting, offer etc.)

Locate your Client

You can map your portfolio directly from GeFEE Sales Agent module, by converting address to GPS coordinates



Client Data Access

Sales agents have access to the data of the clients that are in their portfolio (offers, consumption, invoices, payments, contracts, contacts, addendums, locations, complaints, documents, reports etc.)

Prevents abuse from Agents

The platform monitors sales agents activity and can be configured to automatically exclude from the sales agents portfolio of potential clients certain clients that were not contracted or even made offers for a certain period of time

Offers, Contracts and Addendums

You can customize document templates, management of the switching process, pricing rules, printable documents management; Sales agents can make addendums to the contracts of the clients in its portfolio if the supply company allows this; Offers convert into contracts automatically based on certain rules and no additional actions are needed in the contracting-invoicing flows; Contract addendums create effects in contracts without user intervention; The web platforms generate the annex to the invoice that the sales agent issues to the supplier with the received and unlocked commissions and bonuses; Company can create limitation for the number of commission and bonus invoices that the sales agent can issue each month



Portfolio Management

Each agent can see and manage clients (integration with local fiscal authority is possible), consumption locations, consumption data, client documents


The plaform is generation various notification regarding the contracting process, portfolio management, events etc.

Client allocation to agent

Automatic rule-based calculation based on issued invoices and allocation based on client payments can be made. The company can create commission and bonus rules based on several criteria configured by the supplier, such as electricity/gas, consumer type, monthly consumption, offered price, invoice sending method, sales agent

Commissions & Bonuses

Prevents clients from being contacted/offered by the same company (different agents) at the same time

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