GeFEE Power Trading

Our trading expertise and our technology have allowed us to become specialists in power trading

Efficient Power Trading, with Ringhel!

In the wholesale energy markets, it's important to understand the nature of trading electricity, compared to financial assets like equities, bonds, and commodities. At the wholesale level, electricity cannot be stored, so demand and supply must constantly be balanced in real-time. We designed a trading module that is able to respond in a fast and efficient way to all energy tradings.

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Contract Management

GeFEE Power Trading platform is covering a various management processes, as wholesale contracts, crossborder with transport capacity management, green certificates contracts, keeping track of all contractual changes such as quantities, prices, contractual limits, risk exposure, invoicing settings, etc. Takes into account all changes in the billing module, automatically


The Power Trading platform can generate different kind of report, for internal use, authorities reports or audit

Data Management

We assure correct data of quantities of different products and on different markets, with different time zones, net company position calculation & analyzes, DAM & IM offer calculation & export, import of results, portfolio management

Green Certificates Management

Syncronize with the official registry, track GC s/n


You have automatic invoice calculation based on contract both for issued and for received



Partner Management

Allows the definition of different types of partners, such as traders, producers, distributors, transporters, market operators, regulators, sales agents, etc.

Manage Production Units

In GeFEE Power Trading, you can manage your production units, by seeing actual production and forecast, technological consumption, imbalance, technical data

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