Our partners confirm that the projects implemented together with us were successful. That motivates us to constantly improve, ourselves and our products.
"ADERRO GP ENERGY successfully uses the GeFEE platform. During our entire collaboration, Ringhel has been highly professional and prompt, but also available to solve various issues that occurred after the implementation of this software solution. At the same time, both during the implementation of the GeFEE software and after that, Ringhel has proven to be a reliable and firm partner in taking over and processing suggestions, as well as in adapting, transposing or integrating them in the GeFEE platform. We warmly recommend Ringhel as a collaborator oriented towards solutions and the client. "
Relu Viorel MITITELU
Energy Supply Manager
"Without minimizing the merits of other software products, more or less similar, GeFEE has a considerable number of advantages which made us purchase it – and we have never regretted that decision. Perhaps the most important advantage is that the product has been developed by people coming from the energy market who understand perfectly its mechanisms, requirements and regulations. It may seem something ordinary, but it isn’t. For us, who use it on a daily basis, GeFEE has evident features of the “had I been a programmer I would have made it like that myself” type. The interaction with the Ringhel team has always been close to perfection, going well beyond the client – supplier relationship and becoming more of a friendly, amiable one. Beside the professionalism and promptness showed every time we asked for their support, we mostly appreciate the fact that GeFEE is a “live” product, permanently updated and adapted to a continuously changing reality and legislation. And, because for us it is very important, no matter how much we would all like to overlook, we believe that the quality/price ration is very high as far as GeFEE is concerned."
Deputy Managing Director
"We started to use the GeFEE platform in February 2015. Previously we managed our clients’ database and invoiced using multiples Excel sheets but, as the clients’ number grew, it was harder and harder to manage the activity. After we used the platform for a while, we believe that its efficiency has greatly improved and we shall list below a series of facilities we deem extremely important for the GeFEE platform: warning on the expiration dates of the contracts, automatic import of counter indexes, generation of reports to authorities, the certainty that the invoices are issued correctly from the point of view of the tariffs used and due date, generation of various reports to the accounting department, etc"
Energy Supply Manager
"While initially circumspect, we implemented the GeFEE platform due to the need to simply our activity, to make our work easier. We are happy now to have trusted this platform and the Ringhel company. They showed to us that they are reliable, committed and that this platform is not only useful, but also necessary. It will be a long term partnership, for sure."
Aurelia MOCANU
Energy Supply Manager
"We are happy to collaborate with Ringhel, a company that not only was able to organize logically and efficiently our energy supplying activity, but also to come up with solutions and alternatives. We appreciate their activity and openness to continuously improve the platform depending on our needs and suggestions. After one year of collaboration, we are convinced we’ve made the right choice, thus using the high quality services of a professional team."
Energy Supply Manager
"First of all, GENERAL COM INVEST SRL wishes to thank the RINGHEL team for its support in the implementation of the GeFEE platform, which has visibly increased the ease with which we work as energy suppliers. RINGHEL has a deep knowledge of the field, with a practical experience and a very solid information base. Based on continuous efforts, the company continuously improves its services, making them as efficient, optimum and safe as possible. The GeFEE platform has made our work easier with regard to the management of the supply, distribution, trading contracts and not only, with regard to the generation of hourly consumption forecasts, the creation of reports to competent authorities, rapid and correct invoicing, the management of the payments and of the collections, as well as of the contracts with the partners, warnings related to activities that need to be performed on short notice, rapid and correct reporting to the authorities – OPCOM, ANRE, Transelectrica and, last but not least, the generation of energy sale/purchase offers on the PZU platform. In conclusion, the products and services offered by Ringhel took into account our company’s development needs and, due to their compliance with the legal applicable standards, both national and European, we can continue to provide our clients with optimum, complete and reliable services."
Head of Customer services Department
"During the implementation of the GeFEE platform, created by Ringhel, we had a very good collaboration with the company. The implementation was successful. It made us expand our collaboration with the acquisition of the “GeFEE for Web” module. Together with our partner Ringhel, we would like to improve the acquired platform in view of expanding and maintaining the market share."
General Manager
"Ringhel is a reliable, receptive collaborator who offered us high-quality products and software solutions through the GeFEE platform. This platform covers all the needs of a company that operates on the energy supply market. We appreciate the continuous efforts for the permanent improvement and development of the platform in view of an ever easier use, at full capacity. "
General Manager