We are Ringhel

We provide outstanding software platforms for our customers, applying all our experience. 



We are Ringhel and we started the business journey in 2014, and from that moment we took it very seriously.

Since then, we provide innovative B2B software solutions that enhance enterprise agility for the power and gas companies.

We stand out
due to our thorough understanding of the energy markets, which allow sus to offer the right choices for our clients’ needs at all times.

We have
grown and improved year by year so that we bring real value to our clients and we are proud that we have sustained the growth of our clients.


Our vision is to empower the energy companies
to be agile in a fast-changing market and
regulatory environment,
using our no-code technology.


Our mission is to simplify and accelerate
the digital transformation of energy companies,
providing them with innovative
out of the box digital tools
created for their specific needs.

Facts & Figures

We have a proven track record and our work and capabilities are focused on a market where the knowhow and technology make the difference.

Reliable Partner100%

Provider of theYear 2018
Leading provider
on the Romanian

Market experience100%

Working experience with big companies from
energy & gas markets

Save time100%
Over 50
successful implementation
with big companies
from energy &
gas markets
Get faster100%
certified in
power quality
significant knowhow
on the power & gas
Be scalable100%
We know the mechanisms and instruments used in this field and we provide outstanding software products


We are always committed and looking for reliable solutions for each client. We have always believed there are no demands that cannot be implemented, but only demands that require another type of approach. 

And because we are good at developing software for energy industry, we got certified.


ISO 9001:2008

ISO/IEC 27001:2013