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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolute Energy

Absolute Energy is a young and energetic team that wishes to strengthen its presence on the energy supply market by client optimized programs and solutions, which will lead to a greater efficiency for the client from the point of view of energy consumption.


Adero GP Energy

Aderro was not designed only as a simple commercial company in the field of energy supply. The basic idea was the creation of a set of healthy principles, adapted to the highest extent possible to the needs of those who identify themselves and adhere to them, regardless of their location in Romania.


Anchor Grup

Anchor Grup is part of FIBA Group of companies and has been active since 1997 in real estate development, in Eastern Europe. Anchor Grup’s strategy is to combine its international know-how and local expertise in Romanian market and to provide the best real estate solutions.



Belectric România is a leader in the field of renewable energy on the Romanian market. The company has completely changed the perspective on the manner in which power photovoltaic stations are designed, manufactured, commissioned, exploited and maintained.



C – Gaz & Energy Distributie has as its main business the supply of energy and natural gas. The company’s target is to stand for more than just a supplier and become a stable, experienced partner, as close as possible to the client’s needs.


Switch Energy

CEZ Vânzare, part of CEZ group in Romania, is the main electricity provider in the southwest of the country, with a market share of 8 % nationwide, of which 14 % of regulated energy market and 4 % of energy free market.


Conef Gaz

Conef Gaz was founded in November 2006, and is one of the important licensed natural gas suppliers in Romania.



CYEB was set up nearly a decade ago, in view of offering power optimization solutions to companies. The company is currently represented in Romania, Slovakia and Germany.



Grupul EFT is specialized in transactions in the Western, Central and South-Eastern Europe, supporting the development of a common energy market in the South-East of Europe as well.



Electricom was set up in 1965, being the largest importer of coal, hydro and thermal equipments in Romania. The company also produces energy from renewable sources, such as wind, cogeneration and solar energy.



The entire activity of Entrex Services is based on relationships of maximum loyalty, of mutual respect and friendship. The company goes beyond the supplier – consumer relationship and considers all clients as partners, seeking a long term collaboration.


Eol Energy

The EOL energy investments began in March 2007, with the acquisition of the first wind power, NordTank, installed in Tulcea County. EOL company emphasizes, besides wind power, other forms of renewable energy.



Eon Romania

E.ON Romania is the platform company that supports and coordinates the operations of the E.ON Group, in the Romanian energy sector, since 2005, when E.ON took-over the former state-owned from natural gas and electricity domain.


Forte Gaz GN

Forte Gaz GN is a recognized supplier on natural gas market from Romania, since market’s liberalization. The company aims to develop long-term stable partnerships, providing customized solutions and competitive to the partners.


Getica 95

Getica 95 Com was set up in 1995. The company initially started as an operator on the cereal market and later on, based on a continuous increase of its turnover, it expanded its operations in the agricultural, but also energetic field.


GDM Logistics

GDM Logistics has planned to shortly become a well-known player on the energy market, aiming at bringing a new momentum and approach to the supplier – client relationship, by optimizing energy related costs and developing a genuine partnership.


General Com Invest

General Com Invest is part of the AGRIROM group, one of the most powerful groups from western Romania. Regardless of their location in the country, the company’s partners benefit from the same safety conditions and continuity in the energy supply.


Industrial Energy

Industrial Energy was created from the dissolution of Romenergo SA, taking over the management, rights and obligations of the activity portfolio related to the energetic field: supply, energy distribution, maintenance and installations interventions for consumers.



Kompact Grid is the largest renewable energy operator and is part of Midas & Kompact Grid. It runs 15 wind farms and 3 photovoltaic parks, with an aggregate installed power of 496 MW.



Lukoil is one of the largest vertically integrated companies in the world, in the gas and oil production field, as well as refining oil and petrochemical products.


Mazarine Energy

Mazarine Energy is a subsurface-driven private oil and gas exploration and production company focused on low risk, cost effective, short cycle exploration, appraisal & development opportunities with robust project economics.


MET Romania

MET Romania was founded in 1996, and since November 2016, as a result of the acquisition of Repower’s energy supply operations, MET Romania is among the most important suppliers of energy and gas in Romania.



Monsson Trading is part of Monsson Group, the largest developer of wind farms. It is also one of the most important energy traders in Romania.


Next Energy Distribution

Next Energy Distribution offers, in addition to its natural gas supply services, consultancy services and natural gas management services, in conditions of maximum safety and optimal parameters.



Nova Power & Gas supplies energy and natural gas taking into account the safety requirements and provides solutions to increase consumption efficiency, out of care for clients and environment.


QMB Energ

QMB Energ provides a wide range of services in the energy domain: power supply, electrical installation design, energy specialized consultancy and prophylactic measurements in electrical installations. The company is distinguished by optimal professional solutions and significant technical works in energy domain..


Restart Energy

As part of Armand Group, present on the renewable energy market since 2009, Restart Energy is a company determined to bring a substantial change in the supply of electricity and natural gas to Romania.



Grupul RWE is one of the largest energy suppliers in Europe, operating in the field of production and transportation, as well as in the sale and trade of electricity and gas.


Switch Energy

Switch Energy is a young and ambitious project in the field of energy supply, aiming at a radical change of the energy industry and challenging the de facto situation, providing people with simpler, fairer and more beneficial solutions.



Werk Energy carries out its activity as a energy supplier, in compliance with the environmental standards and quality management. The company offers an integrated service and counseling package for the entire duration of its partnership with its clients and collaborators.